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Jan 30, 2014

New Product Launch: Nature’s Floor Luxury Vinyl

Nature’s Floor have successfully brought Laminated Wooden Floors and Strand Woven Bamboo to market,  are now upping the game and adding a game changing click lock vinyl floor finish to the stable. Vinyl Flooring is making a massive come back as a tough, durable and gorgeous flooring option. With detailed embossed grains to resemble wood, in large variety of colours vinyl is proving to be extremely popular.


Nature’s Floor  Luxury Vinyl

Nature’s Floor  Luxury Vinyl is changing the game completely, with 7mm thick plank and a Fall Down Click system; we have a removed all of the stumbling blocks and failures that have previously been associated with vinyl flooring in the market place today. There have been instances with planks pulling apart on the short ends, in both the glue down and click systems. Some of this may be to inferior products on the click system or the materials used, as well as inexperienced installation and inferior base preparation. Due to Natures Floors Luxury Vinyl’s prominent click system on all four sides, we have eliminated this problem altogether.

Nature’s Floor Luxury Vinyl

A further common problem with traditional vinyl is plank flexibility, which means the planks will take the shape of an inconsistent subfloor. If the sub floor is uneven and not properly prepared this can lead to a “wavy-looking “and inconsistent floor, and in time lead to floor failure.  With Natures Floor Luxury Vinyl being far thicker and less flexible the planks will not form to the sub floor as easily as their thinner cousins. Typically the subfloor will need to be levelled with a self-levelling screed in out-of-spec areas, and not the entire floor as is common practice in the market place. Nature’s Floor can be installed on similar floor preparation that is commonly done with laminated wooden floors, where tolerance differences are slightly more acceptable – this allows for cost-savings from a material and labour perspective, and also shortens the installation period. Vinyl-10. The plank surface of Nature’s Floors is super embossed, resembling the look and feel of traditional timber floors without the expense and maintenance associated with wooden floors. With a range of six colours, Nature’s Floor Luxury Vinyl will suite just about any colour scheme and décor. Rated for both residential and commercial use, this product is versatile beyond its beauty, and has the added advantage of being water-proof. Kitchens and bathrooms can now have the “wood-effect” without the obvious drawbacks.

Nature’s Floor Luxury Vinyl

Nature’s Floor vinyl has a built in rubber underlay to improve sound dampening and assist with the click system in locking together. This will aid in a “softer” feel to the floor adding to a far more comfortable floor.So for the leader in vinyl plank flooring? Look no further than Nature’s Floor Luxury Vinyl, available from Floors Direct, The Leaders in Wood, Laminated Flooring, and Vinyl! FloorsDirect_logo


Products Specifications:

            Nature’s Floor WPC Vinyl Flooring

            Surface: Deep Embossed

             Plank Dimensions: 1220x186x7mm

             Box: 8 Pieces per carton/1.81536m2

            Under Surface: 1mm Black EVA Foam Underlay

            Wear Surface: 1.5mm LVT with 0.5mm wear layer

            Installation: Fall Down Click

            Colours: 7 colours available.

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