Never Be Left In The Dark

The Lighting Warehouse is thrilled to be launching a new and very reasonably priced LED emergency globe to the market –ensuring that nobody needs to be left in the dark again. This new LED emergency globe (codes: 18481 and 18480) is rechargeable, and it boasts an impressive 11-Watt LED that gives off a cool white light. It offers these two very useful functions, which include: LED EMERGENCY GLOBE, It requires 20 to 25 hours charging time and can reach up to 12 hours on battery life as per manufactures’ standards. It has a central red LED light to indicate charging. If the electricity goes whilst the globe is in charge mode (AC), then the globe will automatically switch on. When the power comes on again then it will switch off (and carry on charging as normal).A HAND HELD TORCH You can also remove this globe from its socket and walk around with it like a torch in your hand. To do this, it will need to be set on the DC setting. The new LED emergency globe is energy efficient, and comes with an impressive 3-year manufacturers guarantee.  

  These are definitely needed during times of load shedding.
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