Multi-purpose sealing

Sealpaz is your go-to product for multi-purpose sealing. Designed to seal both positive and negative sealing spaces, you can use Sealpaz to seal interior basements, balconies, small water reservoirs and much more. Made from minerals, cement, hydraulic additives and latex, this handy product combines elasticity, adhesion and excellent water tightness. Therefore, providing excellent adhesion to substrates such as concerete, wood, metal and P.V.C Method of application – Remove dust, dirt, grease, and loose parts off the surface. – Rinse the surface to saturation and remove water surplus. – Chisel out and around external defects, embedded gravel, wires, and exposed reinforcing steel and repair prior to applying the sealer. – Fill and smooth wall-floor corners, using the appropriate materials 42 hours before applying Sealpaz. – Pour the contents of one bucket (5 kg) Seal Paz Latex into a container of a mechanical mixer. – Start mixing and add slowly, while mixing, the contents of sealpaz bag (20KG). Mix thoroughly until a homogenous, easy to apply mixture is obtained. Rinse the adhesive residue in the bucket with about 1 liter of water and add to the mixture. – Apply the prepared mixture on the side of the wall that faces the water (positive and negative sealing), using a brush or a trowel. In the event of repaired spots, apply the mixture over the repair after it dries. – Apply 2 coats of 1.25 kg/m². Apply the coats, in crisscross directions. – It is recommended to use Seal Paz in two colors, to ascertain full coverage of the surface by the sealer. Take a look at how Sealpaz can be used for digging down foundations:

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