More-than-able walling solutions

Able’s new showroom in Peter Place is set to open in February 2015 and will be featuring the brand’s innovative movable walling systems, and in particular, the exceptional frameless glass range. “Over the past six months the new management team at Able has focused on developing a revolutionary new concept for constructing interior spaces in commercial, industrial and retail buildings,” says Julie Knowler, marketing manager at Able. “Through the implementation of Able’s movable walling systems, we’ve been able to offer prestigious design as well as a reduction in costs, maintenance and disruption to the office. Our focus has been on developing a revolutionary concept for constructing interior spaces that are cost-effective, well-built and highly flexible. Our strong research and development team has come up with some innovative systems and designs,” Knowler states. Over the last few months, the company has undergone significant improvements. With a new team boasting extensive experience, the furniture and demountable walling industries has rapidly developed at Able. A new business process and system was designed to streamline quoting, production and site management and has been successfully implemented. A quality manager with over 30 years’ experience has been appointed and an ISO 9000 compliant quality management system is in the process of being implemented. Furthermore, the sales and customer services team has been strengthened to improve the levels of service provided. “With the new team and new product line, Able is looking to have a positive impact on how, as an industry, we create a great place to live, work and play,” Knowler adds. Come and experience these exciting new developments in person by attending the opening of Able’s spacious new showroom.



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