Modern Country

    Though timeless, the French country style needn’t always look the same. . There’s something innovative and attractive about a rustic country house that fuses elements of modern interior design. The old spaces which have been converted, renovated, or just revived for new purposes and with new materials can also be treated to a gorgeous contemporary style.

    The houses featured in Modern Country by Caroline Clifton-Mogg reflect this way of life in a relevant, up-to-date manner. Modern Country explores some of the most exciting and interesting examples of contemporary themes in French interior design by exploring homes in the mountains, near the sea-side, and even far out in the countryside. We love what this inspiring volume has to offer. Especially the tips and hints on how to achieve the beautiful look in one’s own home.

    Modern country1
    MODERN COUNTRY - Caroline Clifton-Mogg1
    MODERN COUNTRY - Caroline Clifton-Mogg2
    MODERN COUNTRY - Caroline Clifton-Mogg3
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