Mid-century maven

Twentieth-century Design aficionado Emma de Crespigny has relaunched C20 Galerie, accompanied by Posie’s; a  cozy coffee shop serving hot coffee and bagels (named after Emma’s daughter). C20 is a go-to design destination that blends the old and the new in seamless fashion. From original 20th century pieces to handcrafted interpretations of the classics, de Crespigny brings her undeniable talent and craftsmanship to the forefront of Cape Town’s design industry. With a Masters in History of Decorative Art and Design from Parsons, in conjunction with the prestigious Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York, de Crespigny is an expert collector and producer of a wide range of desirable interior objets which range from furniture to glassware. Her Galerie, C20, located in Cape Town’s trendy Woodstock district, functions as both a shop and a showroom, targeting architects, interior designers and collectors, as well as members of the public. Having been the apprentice of a prominent 20th century dealer in Manhattan for ten years, De Crespigny relocated from New York to Cape Town in 2012.  Her keen eye for rare and obscure pieces inspired her to open a new destination store in South Africa. The distinguishing feature of the aptly named C20 Galerie is the inclusion of truly unique and original 20th century pieces from places including France, Germany, North America, Scandinavia and Italy. On top of her skillful acquisition of collectables, De Crespigny is a gifted designer with the ability to modify, reproduce valuable and rare pieces, and design her own pieces making a variety of high quality, well-made pieces accessible to the public.  She has recently partnered up with her ex-husband who was trained at New York’s Columbia University’s Architecture School. The combination has expanded their combined talents to the point where they can now offer design services. C20 Galerie offers design consultation, but also on request can design, execute unique pieces and architectural elements for installation in both public and private environments. C20 Galerie also boasts an on-site collection of books and original catalogues, allowing collectors and design enthusiasts to look forward to a wide array of products. In addition to the period pieces, C20 Galerie is working on their own lines including Art Deco inspired pieces using genuine Art Deco pattern designs from early 1920s, a new range of lighting and a new range of glass and brass furniture. Her latest projects include a range of crockery printed with her Posie’s artwork. All this makes C20 Galerie an invaluable addition to the design scene in Cape Town, and de Crespigny is set to become a prominent name in the industry.

Visit: www.c20galerie.co.za


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