Décor Meet the Isabelina Interior Decorators

Meet the Isabelina Interior Decorators

 Meet the delightful decorators at Isabelina!
Isabelina’s wonderful team of qualified and experienced in-house interior decorators share their skills and expertise by providing a full decorating service. With the ability to understand their client’s preferences and a passion for exceptional design, the interior decorators have the ability to help you create the space of your dreams. Isabelina stores are located in Cape Town and Johannesburg, each with their own in-house interior decorator. Carina, from the Isabelina store at Mall of the South, has worked on multiple projects around the world. Her ability to easily adapt to different styles and her understanding of the fact that no two people have the same expectations makes her an exceptional interior decorator. The Cavendish store is proud to have Louise as their in-house interior decorator. She has worked on many different projects from corporate offices, hotels, boutique hotels, private homes and a hunting lodge. Louise’s skill of being able to read her clients well allows her to creatively guide them in achieving their own special place. Bonnie, the in-house interior decorator at Design Quarter in Johannesburg, spends much time at the conceptual stage in the design process.  So as to not stray from her brief’s core shapes, colours and textures, Bonnie utilises a mood board. Her attention to detail and creative instinct sets her apart. Meet these lovely ladies at your nearest Isabelina store!
Isabelina emporium1
Carina Rossouw
Carina Rossouw
Louise Bisset1
Louise Bisset
Bonnie Wickham
Bonnie Wickham

Contact Isabelina for more information:

Isabelina V&A Waterfront & Cavendish Square: Louise (Based at the Cavendish Square store) 021 671 8721 design@isabelina.co.za

Isabelina Desiqn Quarter: Bonnie Wickham 011 465 7198 dq@isabelina.co.za

Isabelina Mall of the South: Carina Rossouw 011 682 2456 mos@isabelina.co.za



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