Luxurious Towels

The worst of winter is over and we are springing into summer. Here are some elements you will be needing. Enjoy the gentle sunshine of late winter and the fresh new smells of early spring…

TOP: Modal Towel Range – This high-end range consists of a 50% Modal Fibre and 50% combed cotton mixture. Modal fibre is made of spun cellulose fibres from wood pulp, which ensures an exquisitely luxurious ultra-absorbent, shrink-resistant product. Available in grey, stone, white and silver. MIDDLE: Hammam Stripe TowelVersatile enough for use in the bathroom, by the pool, at the gym – and stylish enough to be worn as a sarong at the beach. The Hammam is quick drying, and the more you wash it, the softer and more absorbent it becomes. It’s the towel that keeps on giving. BOTTOM: Bamboo Towel Range This eco-friendly range consists of 60% biodegradable bamboo yarn and 40% cotton. Bamboo absorbs 1.5 times faster than cotton and is softer, using less fabric softener and requiring less drying time too! Available in silver, white and taupe




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