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Lula Fabrics is taken from the Xhosa word for ‘Easy’ which means light and comfortable. This is evident in the ethos of Lula Fabrics because the experience is one that is light and comfortable. Established in 2007, Lula Fabrics offers bold, colourful and romantic statements to brighten any interior. All designs are printed in Cape Town on locally produced sumptuous Linens and cottons allowing for an Artisinal hand printed look and feel. Designs range from tropical leaves such as The Delicious Monster and Palm Frond to Tribal design in the form of Ikat and Suzani’s.

Lula Fabrics offer a custom colour printing  service, as well as a custom textile design and manufacturing service to the Hospitality Industry in both Curtaining and upholsteries . This service makes Lula Fabrics very versatile for designers to use. All fabrics can be Fire retarded and treated for outdoor use. “Customer service is of great importance to us at Lula and we work intimately with our clients allowing us to deliver a speedy design solution.” – Lula Fabrics
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Contact Available in the  Uk from Sophie Gratten Bellew



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