#LoveFoodHateWaste: Delicious Leftovers for your Lunchboxes

Use your leftover ingredients and food to create delicious lunches for the next day. A wholesome lunch helps you maintain focus and energy levels for the day. When preparing dinner, look at which of the ingredients could be used for lunch the next day – it’s all about a mindset change. Plus using your leftovers for lunch will save you money as well as reduce waste. Below are some suggestions for delicious leftovers:


  • Slice leftover meat and make delicious sandwiches, place in a GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Sandwich bag to keep it fresh.
  • Use last night’s stir-fry with some hummus, tzatziki or guacamole (made from leftover avocado) in pita, then secure tightly in GLAD Wrap or pop it into a GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Sandwich Bag.


  • Leftovers from a braai are great to fill up a lunchbox. Simply seal each piece separately in GLAD Wrap or even in GLAD Sandwich
  • A tasty lunch can be made with leftover meatballs, chicken breasts or burger patties on a roll. Combine with lettuce, tomato and cheese and seal in GLAD Wrap for a tight fit.
  • Mix leftover tuna or chicken with mayonnaise and some chopped up celery, carrots, gherkins or spring-onion to create a tasty filling for sandwiches or pita’s. Keep it fresh with GLAD Wrap.


  • Take leftover biscuits and pop them into a GLAD Snack bag to munch on the next day
  • Use your leftover salad ingredients, such as cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, as accompaniments for the next day – either as healthy snacks or in a sandwich, roll or wrap. Keep them fresh with GLAD Wrap or in GLAD Snack bags.


  • Leftover fruit is a healthy addition to any lunchbox and is ideally stored in GLAD Snack Bags.
  • The extra cheese from last night’s dinner has many uses such as on sandwiches, salads, wraps or pitas.


  • Leftover take-away food can also be used for lunch the next day such as pizza slices, cover in GLAD Wrap once cooled, to eat the next day.

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