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Love Mohair is new initiative by Mohair South Africa to educate people about mohair through a new campaign called Follow the Fibre. What an interesting concept, we are extremely intrigued.

The journey of Mohair: Mohair, the fleece of the Angora goat, is one of the world’s most beautiful and exclusive sustainable natural fibres. South Africa is the biggest global producer of mohair and currently produces approximately 50% of total world production. The Karoo area of the Eastern Cape is where most of the Angora goats are farmed. Port Elizabeth is known as the mohair capital of the world, with the bulk of the world’s mohair passing through its port.
The story of how Angora goats arrived on our shores and grew in numbers is truly amazing. In 1838 the Sultan of Turkey sent twelve neutered rams and one female to Port Elizabeth, halfway across the world. The rams were rendered infertile, as the Sultan wanted to protect his country’s powerful mohair empire. What he didn’t realise, though, was that the ewe on board was pregnant and gave birth to a kid ram en route to Africa, which was the start of the industry in South Africa. Today’s Karoo region produces the most mohair in the world – all thanks to the Sultan’s mistake and a pregnant ewe.
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Image: Hinterveld Mohair Products.
Naturally opulent mohair leads a revolution in luxury, style and fashionable elegance. This versatile and natural fibre is chosen by many of today’s leading designers (including Laduma)  and craftsmen to create the ultimate in international every day wear, haute couture and home wear. Among its many benefits, mohair fibre is:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The fabric is cool and light in summer, while it’s warm in winter.
  • DYE-RESPONSIVE: It responds magnificently to dyes, retaining colours brilliantly over time.
  • DURABLE: Because it’s so pliable, mohair is rated as one of the world’s most durable natural fibres.
  • CREASE-RESISTANT: Mohair products hold their shape because of their natural elasticity.
  • NON-FLAMMABLE: Mohair is virtually non-flammable, making it a safe choice all year round.

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