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Feb 15, 2014


How can a fully integrated dishwasher be made to blend into a fitted kitchen, complete with fronts with no handles? Miele’s answer is Knock2open –set to be launched in April 2014 – this door opening system, patents pending, is available from Miele on fully integrated dishwashers in two model categories from the new Generation 6000 series. DISHWASHER By tapping twice on the machine front, the door of the Miele dishwasher, otherwise incognito behind a streamlined cabinet front without any handles, opens quietly, gently and silently. The door glides open automatically, and can then simply be pulled fully open. The machine only reacts to tapping on the front of the door. The door never opens unprompted as this technology is able to differentiate between tapping on the door, the worktop or on neighbouring kitchen units. This way, the new dishwashers from Miele blend in seamlessly with contemporary kitchens without handles. The door is entirely without a handle and the machine front remains free from fingerprints.

The highlight in the flagship fully integrated range is the “touch on metal” user interface: a stainless steel fascia with high-end, puristic appeal and a two-line white-on-black display.

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