Jeremy Kidd’s Contemporary Artworks

Leslie Sacks Contemporary is an exhibition of works by the Venice Beach artist Jeremy Kidd. Using photography & Adobe Photoshop, Jeremy creates landscape and urban scape images that are simultaneously realistic and abstract. Photographing over many days often from multiple perspectives, he will use hundreds of these photographs in the same way a painter uses a palette of oils and acrylics. His process of layering and composing these photographs results in the final irregular shaped artwork with relates to the assemblage process. This is fascinating, take a look…

Jeremy Kidd5
J Kidd1
A billboard by Jeremy Kidd can be seen in Culver City as part of Otis College’s exhibitionWest of the 405.  Jeremy Kidd’s work is in the permanent collection of the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA, the American Embassy in Algeria and the American Embassy in Panama.
Jeremy Kidd2
Jeremy Kidd3



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