It’s a Bake Off

Winter is ending with so many things still to achieve on our Winter Wonder list. One of these include a Bake Off. Baking in winter is something so comforting, standing by the warm oven and making some scrumptious wholesome goods. Fill your pantry with some funky fun and colourful baking accessories. We know you want too! Have a bake off with your neighbour perhaps?


1. The Kitchen Mixer in Retro Colours from Kenwood

2. Craft bakeware from Yuppiechief

3. Entrepo has a baking collection that is so colourful and fun

4 Kitchen Craft bakeware from Yuppiechief ,

5. Revol crumpled flan dish in pepper red from Entrepo

Multi Coloured nest backing Set from Yuppiechief



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