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Oct 28, 2014

How to identify Italianate Architecture

Although this is a slightly more modern take on Italianate architecture it certainly has hints of the recognizable features that this style is famous for. This is how to identify an Italianate building:

  1. Low-pitched or flat roof
  2. Balanced, symmetrical shapes
  3. Tall, often with up to 4 stories
  4. Wide overhanging eaves with brackets that look like they holding up the roof
  5. Porch with a balustrade balcony
  6. Moldings around window frames that look like eyebrows
  7. Heavily molded double doors

Although face brick is not typically used for this style of building, it adds just enough charm to pull the style together. The brick used is Corobrik Bergendal Light Satin. Sa-decor_corobrik Visit  

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