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Décor Aug 4, 2022

Horti Couture: Taking Care Of All Your Indoor Plants

Indoor greenery has a way of refreshing an interior. That’s why we are chatting with Colette Norris from Horti Couture about how to take better care of our indoor plants. Here’s everything you need to know to create a beautiful green space inside your home…

What it is that Horti Couture does and what services do you offer?

We are a Boutique Plant Stylist with almost 20 years of experience in the Green (Plant) industry. Our love comes from bringing nature into your home or office to help create tranquillity and soften your interior space. We, therefore, assist with selecting the correct plant for the correct space and lighting, Combined with our timeless planters and pots that are all locally manufactured here in South Africa.

We have a wide range of planters in various materials from ceramic, fiberglass and resin. Furthermore, we offer planters in steel and metal and can manufacture custom planters to suit your needs. All of our planters (besides certain small ceramics and resin pots) come with an internal watering system to assist with keeping your plants healthy. We also offer a maintenance option. Here, our team will visit frequently to water and feed the plants and treat them for any pests.

How does one give indoor plants a revitalizing trim?

Pruning your plants (trimming away their dead, overgrown branches and stems) helps their future growth. Best of all, pruning indoor plants are simple. All you need is a good pair of sanitised garden shears or scissors. Plants benefit from pruning the most during their active growing season. So, you want to identify what that is before pruning.

The ideal way to prune your indoor plants will be to make sure your cuts are clean and don’t crush the stems. The easiest way to achieve that will be to make sure your shears or scissors are sharp. The most important stems and leaves to focus on will be ones that are yellowed, brown, diseased or dying. Begin with these first. If they’re the only ones you want to remove, you won’t have to risk shocking your plant. By removing yellowed and dead leaves, you’ll give your plant a chance to refocus its energy on a healthier growth

When selecting planters what is the best advice you can give our readers?

Firstly you have to look at the space you are working with. This includes the size of the room, the height of the ceiling or roof, furniture in the room, and the colour scheme. Then you can identify the size of the planter that will be most suited to the style of the room and the space. The colour of the planter or stands can then be matched best suited for the room. You also have to keep in mind the lighting for the plant and make sure it goes with the area.

In the winter months does one have to rearrange plant positioning in your interior?

Different plant species can vary considerably in their winter care needs, so always do a little research to learn the particular needs of your plants. In general, try to mimic the winter conditions of the regions where the species are native. For example, plants originating in the jungle tropics, where there is little difference between conditions in winter and summer, often do not have the same dormant period as plants originating in more temperate zones.

While there are some general guidelines, remember that the goal is always to mimic the plant’s natural outdoor winter habitat to the degree that you can. Not only are there fewer hours of sunlight during winter, but the rays also come in at a lower angle. Move your houseplants to a brighter spot or even add supplemental light. A good spot is a south- or west-facing window that remains sunny all day. However, don’t move plants too close to a frosty window because they might get a draft.
Rotate the pots every time you water them. This ensures that all sides of the plant receive some sun and grow evenly, rather than some branches stretching to reach the light.

What is the trick in grouping plants and planters together in an interior?

When you are selecting plants and planters in certain areas of your office or home, we would recommend selecting planters that compliment each other or ‘tell a story’. Selecting planters with similar shapes but in various sizes is always a ‘safe’ option. You can then have them in complimentary colours so they all fit the room. You can also be a bit braver and select various planters in different shapes and sizes and heights. But when you are choosing this route – I would suggest keeping the colour scheme all the same throughout.

When selecting the plants for your planters, you always have to keep in mind the most important fact – the lighting that’s available for the plant. Thereafter, it comes down to the space available or the specific look that you want to create. Keeping the plants all the same can have a strong simplicity effect. Bringing in various foliage, shades of green and textures can soften the areas and really make the space feel like nature IS indoors.

Need help creating a green space in your home? Contact Horti Couture for advice and a top-notch service!

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