Healthy Herbs and Spices for the Festive Season Dining

So we know all about the different herbs and spices available to us, we know that they make our food extra tasty and we know that we cant live without them in the kitchen, but do we know that some spices may contain additives and preserves that are not doing our intestines justice? We have come across a healthy, natural concept of  herbs and spices that are deliciously delightful and organic. Natural Herbs and Spices are 100% natural, steam pasteurised and still so yummy! We have decided to cook with them this festive season and bring you different delicious recipes and ideas to get your kitchen going.

Consisting of 29 grinders, six salt seasoning’s, 12 sachet seasoning’s (including pestos and bread dippers), 27 herbs and blended spices, and ceramic grinder options (that last up to 10 times longer), consumers are able to track Natural’s offerings, from source to table, and is available through all major retail outlets, including Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, Wellness Warehouse and Dis-Chem.


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