Handmade Sunglasses by Ballo

Have you ever seen handmade sunglasses that are Eco Friendly. Yes lets shade our eyes from the chemical waste and wear some environmentally friendly sunglasses that are extremely effective. Definitely this summers must have. The use of wood, recycled paper and proper polarized lenses are all it took to create these master pieces of fashion. The Eyewood range from Ballo comes in four different styles (Barnes, Gallo, Brown and Trafton). Each style comes in 3 wood options: Imbuia: The darkest wood- Imbuia possesses deep, rich colours and interesting grain patterns; Walnut: Walnut possesses a deep grey, almost ash colour with a wonderful consistency; Cherry: The lightest wood – Cherry is a light pinkish brown when freshly cut, darkening to a deeper golden brown with time and upon exposure to light. Each style-wood combination has 2 lens options: Grey Polarised and Brown Polarised. The options are like a tan, light, medium or dark? We love them all.


Contact: www.ballo.co.za


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