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Nov 16, 2015

Furniture statement pieces

Kartell has introduced a new range of furniture statement pieces from A + I Unlimited. Using bold and contrasting hues, which add depth to the space you will place them in, this statement pieces are able to liven up a room and pair well with different textures, materials and final furnishings. A spin off of simple designs with a new way of improving the décor arrangement of it, these pieces will become companions in your house.



NAME: Papyrus BRAND: Kartell DESIGNER: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec DESCRIPTION: The Bouroullec brothers, a pair of designers with a highly iconic, sophisticated and conceptual style, have designed the transparent polycarbonate Papyrus chair for Kartell. An admirable marriage of simplicity, refinement, grace and memory. Papyrus is a remake of the archetypal antique rush chair, from a time when chair structures were decisive and strong. This chair combines a translucent support with a slender vertical pebbling, running along the entire outside of the rounded backrest, with its soft and snug lines. The the entire structure is light with a welcoming approach and without denial a comforting sit. Papyrus’ wide range of brand-new “old-fashioned” colours make the detail of its worked surfaces even more evident and attractive.


NAME: Taco BRAND: Cappellini DESIGNER: Lanzavecchia + Wai DESCRIPTION: Taco service table is our homes best friend, always at our side and ready to help us in our daily lives. To have a drink, to dine in front of the television and to work on the computer. Taco has a double surface with soft and curvy lines and is suitable for dynamic purposes as well as a statement piece or magazine holder. Available in bright anodized aluminium colours and is the perfect companion for a wanderer home, where practical activities have no more real boundaries.

3. NAME: Shibuya BRAND:Kartell DESIGNER: Christophe Pillet DESCRIPTION: Kartell conducts an experiment that is unique in the world. Christophe Pillet’s Shibuya vases turns plastic “precious”, rich and full-bodied, as if it were blown glass from Murano. Shibuya vases have a pierced lid that can transform them into Furniture statement pieces and not just decorative objects. Beyond their multi-functional aspect, the unique facet of this project is the fact that the vases have two coloured bands with no interruption in the material’s surface, guaranteeing perfect water tightness. Colour is the key player in this project: its intensity and depth, combined with the full-bodied plastic, makes this item especially precious.

4. NAME: Battery BRAND: Kartell DESIGNER: Ferruccio DESCRIPTION: Battery is an iconic compacted lampshade. It is made from transparent PMMA and being 100% rechargeable with a batter life of up to 8 hours it embodies the beauty of modern innovation. Perfect for outdoor entertainment areas, restaurants and cafes. It features crystal coloured shade with prismatic surface that throws out enchanting patterns of light.

5. NAME: Spring Sofa BRAND: Moroso DESIGNER: Patricia Urquiola DESCRIPTION: Spring is the third chapter in a design project which began back in 2002 with Springfield. A concept sofa, Springfield, which built upon the idea of solid geometric shapes working with each other while remaining distinct. Creating a great simple, comfortable and stylish sofa. In 2008 Field was a revisitation of the original design and rendered the individual elements, and in 2010 Spring completed the project, maintaining the comfort of a large sofa despite the individual elements being smaller. With covers that can be fully removed, the sofa, like its predecessors, boasts great care to details, and top quality materials and fabrics which come from renewable, and environmentally-friendly sources. Solid wood frames with vegetable-oil based microcellular foam, polyester fibre and Polypropylene feet.

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