Functionally decorative inlays

Cemcrete, the cement innovation company, provides the decorative industry with products to enhance aesthetic appeal while offering longevity and weatherability to withstand the African climate. As the leading South African coatings manufacturer, the brand invites you to explore the many ways in which Cemcrete products can be applied to create beautiful and unique spaces for living, working as well as playing.


Cemcrete recognises that it’s essential for cement screeded floors to have moment or expansion joints incorporated into them, as to reduce the risk of large unsightly cracks, and allow the foundation to move without affecting the surface finish. In fact, these joints can act as a great source of inspiration to improve on your design and add extra character to your floors’ finish. This handy tool helps define and personalise living areas, while also connecting certain elements from one space to the next.

LEFT: Brick in lay
RIGHT: Straight forward joints
LEFT: Aluminium strip in lay
RIGHT: Pebble in lay
LEFT: Tile in lay
RIGHT: Wooden in lay


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