Fruity refreshment for young and old

BOS Ice Tea, is not only popular among adults. In fact, the locally produced organic Rooibos-based beverage is becoming a hit among children alike, with its bright design, slimline can and deliciously fruity taste. Made only from natural ingredients, this Ice Tea is lower is sugar, free of colourants, flavourants, caffeine and preservatives, making it a healthy alternative for the younglings and pregnant woman to boot.  

  BOS is not an energy drink – despite its packaged appearance – so parents can rest assured knowing that they are not purchasing a turbo dose of hyperactivity for their kids. Apart from the fun packaging and great flavour, BOS has captures the imagination of children through their off-the-wall marketing activities and sampling stunts.  A herd of giraffes cycling through the city or divers with shark fins and peace flags emerging from the ocean to hand out product on the beach are a few examples of how BOS entertain and engage with their fans  – both young and old. All this is testimony to one simple fact; BOS is a fun, natural drink that the whole family can enjoy.  




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