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Feb 5, 2014

For the love of technology

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have an inner techie.  What’s not to love about technology? It helps us stay in touch with loved ones, touch up photos before they even reach Facebook, manage our own blogs, and find the best fashion deals from anywhere in the world. One of our favourite reasons to love technology though, is that it presents plentiful possibilities for exciting and profitable career paths. 140304 - SA Decor - Technolgy - 650x300px Take your relationship with technology to the next level  Build on your tech-savvy skills to help you fall back in love with your career (or start a new one) with online short courses, presented entirely online throughout South Africa by the University of Cape Town and GetSmarter. Here are our Top 5 tech courses: 1. University of Cape Town Internet Marketing 2. University of Cape Town Social Media 3. University of Cape Town Web Development 4. University of Cape Town Web Design 5. University of Cape Town Graphic Design Courses start between February and April. Register online at to secure your place. 22321_get_smarter_final_V2_Paths_4  

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