Easiest Fruit Pie

For summer pies bursting with fruit and tangy, fresh, juicy flavours, try our scrumptious recipe!  You can never get enough of yummy fruits this time of year, and served with a little cream, custard or vanilla ice cream… it will be everyone’s new favourite! Enjoy! 

Fruit Pie101
Ingredients: *Makes 4 pies Illovo Traditional Syrup 400g roll frozen puff pastry, thoroughly thawed Filling (choose from the following ideas): Sliced banana or canned apple with ground cinnamon OR Drained stewed fruit OR thin fresh pear and strawberry slices OR smooth cottage cheese and grated lemon rind

  1. Heat a non-stick snackwich-maker until it has reached cooking temperature.
  2. Unroll thawed pastry and using a rolling pin, roll out a little more.
  3. Spread a layer of syrup evenly over the entire pastry top surface.
  4. Cut pastry into 8 equal squares and place pastry square onto lower surfaces of heated sandwich maker. Spoon filling of choice onto centre of each.
  5. Top each one with another pastry square.
  6. Close down lid of sandwich maker and cook until pie is evenly crisp and golden brown. Do not be in a rush to remove too early. Remove two pies and repeat process with remaining 4 pastry squares.
  7. Spread a thin layer of Illovo Traditional Syrup over each and serve immediately with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream


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