Duravit’s Design award

At the iF design award 2014, Duravit sure did impress the jury and out of 4615 entries from 55 countries around the world, four of their products received iF design awards, a high-profile design award known internationally as an outstanding achievement in design. When looking for a winner the judges focussed on material selection, level of innovation, current trends in design, functionality, economic viability, environmental compatibility and brand value.  And the winners are….

Product Design award1
Happy D.2 – The consistent geometric shape and the distinctive, archetypical forms are the unifying design features of the this bathroom range. With a symmetrical basic form, washbasins, baths and shower trays have a spacious interior enclosed by a particularly fine, all-round rim. Inipi B – The Inipi B compact sauna integrates the classical sweat bath into modern bathing and living architecture. It’s compact dimensions also provide sufficient space for a relaxing wellness experience. Inipi B requires nothing more than a socket. This is a great product for rented apartments and houses as you can simply unplug it and take it with you. SensoWash i – SensoWash i is Philippe Starck’s first integrated shower-toilet. Following precise lines, ceramics merge with brushed stainless steel to form a single unit. Clear symbols on the remote control ensure intuitive operation. Starck bath – The rectangular Starck bath is a bathroom classic. The new form has an exciting detail: the integrated neckrest. The geometric lines are retained. The neckrest resembles a board that was placed in the original washtub for added comfort.
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