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Oct 29, 2014

#DIYwednesday: wonderful wall art

Create stunning wall art to spruce up your kitchen’s interior with this easy D.I.Y guide. There’s nothing more rewarding than completing your own masterpiece and putting it on show for all your guests to see. Plus, it’s a fun way to liven up your current living space. And with the holidays approaching, there’s all the more reason to celebrate your creative crafting abilities, whether you make use of those delicate inherited teacups or simply opt for playful mismatching cups and mugs. Be inspired here.

DIY wall decor with coffee cups1

What you’ll need:

• 12 cups • sisal twine • decorative ribbon of your choice (optional) • anchor with a screw or an attractive hook

The process: 1 Place the cups on the side in a roughly round shape (put a towel underneath to prevent them from being damaged).

2 Cut 12 string lengths of 2 meters each.

3 Fold each length in half and tie a knot of lark’s head around the handle of each cup. Tighten

4. Optionally replace certain lengths by the decorative ribbon.

5 Gather the strings and ribbons and tie a knot at the end.

6 Hook the cluster screw or hook into the desired wall, and solidify with a basis in need. Arrange the cups smoothly.



Directed, designed and written by Julie Deslauriers


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