DIY Project: A black and gold Easter

Easter is all about the chocolate eggs, the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts and the traditionally painted egg displays. So, if you’re looking to give your Easter décor a contemporary twist, here’s an idea for chalkboard and gold eggs that you can do with the entire family. You’ll be able to not only draw your own designs, but if you get bored, you can simply wipe the slate clean and start again.


  • Twelve eggs (two boxes of six)
  • One 500ml tin of Plascon Schoolboard paint
  • One can of Plascon Aerolak Gold
  • Chalk in various colours
  • Hamilton’s Ensign 25mm paint brush


  • 24 hours


  WHAT TO DO: STEP 1: Decide whether you’re blowing the eggs out or boiling them. This will depend on how long you want your display to last, as eggs will only keep out of the fridge for just over a week. STEP 2: Once blown out or boiled, put a dozen eggs in one box, Place the box on sheets of newspaper and take the can of Plascon Aerolak Gold, shake it well and spray the top half of the eggs. Remember to keep the can at least 30cm away in order to create an even coat. Spray lightly and evenly and do several light coats so the paint does not run. Remember to spray in a well-ventilated area and remember to protect all surfaces that could get marked by paint. Put the eggs aside and let dry for 10 minutes.
STEP 3:  In another box with a dozen eggs, dip the tip of the paintbrush into the Plascon Schoolboard paint and the paint the top halves of the eggs so that you cannot see the shells coming through. Set aside and allow to dry for an hour.
STEP 4: Going back to the gold eggs, turn them over and then spray the second half of the eggs until there is an even layer. Once again, set aside and allow to dry.
STEP 5: To finish off the chalkboard eggs, first make sure that they are dry, and then, handling them carefully, turn them over in the box. Then, just as you did in step 3, finish painting the top of the eggs and then allow to dry for an hour.
STEP 6: Once you can see the chalkboard eggs are fairly dry, touch up any areas you feel need more paint and then allow the eggs to dry overnight. STEP 7: Once dry, take your coloured chalk and draw whatever patterns you would like on the eggs. Happy Easter!

  • If you don’t have much time, use a small hairdryer to quicken the drying process.
  • Refer to for tips on safe paint disposal.


  • For a fun display, spray paint the eggs box gold and paint the lip in chalkboard paint. Write a fun Easter message on the lid.
  • Buy some raffia and a few small Easter chicks or rabbits and create a traditional Easter display with a twist.

STOCKISTS EGGS Any supermarket or grocery store. Price: R9.00 for a dozen. PLASCON SCHOOLBOARD PAINT Any paint stockist such as Builders Warehouse. Price: R100 for a 500ml tin PLASCON AEROLAK GOLD SPRAY PAINT Any paint stockist such as Builders Warehouse. Price: R50 per can CHALK Any supermarket or stationary outlet such as CNA . Price: R9.00 for 12 pieces For information on Plascon products visit PRODUCTION Maciek Dubla and Chantel Hans. PHOTOGRAPHY Maciek Dubla  


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