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Feb 24, 2014

Decorating with Photography

Natascha van Niekerk   is taking decorating with photography to a whole new level! We are so spoilt with the beautiful, high quality and innovative Fine Art photography that is available today.  Photographic prints are being used to amazing effect in interior decor and we can understand why!  Both fitting in and making a statement in the home, it’s a fantastic addition when used cleverly. When incorporating photography it’s important to look at colour, simplicity, size of the print and method of presentation. Whether you match colours or create a contrast, pair a detailed image with a minimalistic interior, it’s hard to go wrong. Size is of utmost importance however, and generally going big is key… you don’t want a print to be completely lost in the space. With a mind-blowing selection of stand alone print installations,  collage of prints and the stunning custom photographic wallpapers, you can create a gorgeous interior that compliments your personality and brings life to your home! Natascha van Niekerk1 Natascha van Niekerk12 Natascha van Niekerk13 white sofa in a orange living-room Contact:

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