Culture urban+contemporary Gallery

Culture urban+contemporary Gallery offers an exciting group of artists to the local public. Mixing works from both recent   international artists and occasionally local artists of an urban and contemporary style. These include new British artists Jake & Dinos Chapman and Tracey Emin, as well as Trxtr, Dan Baldwin, Charming Baker and Shepard Fairey. Although very individual and unique in their work, the artists are bound by their modern, informal street approach and their encounter with the urban world they are inspired by. Proprietors, Linda Ambor and Daniela Braude make sure prices are kept attractive to local art lover by concentrating on high quality, limited work on paper, although their collection does include one-off original works… And obviously we can find this special gallery in Woodstock.! The rich environment ties in perfectly with the gallery’s colourful collection.

Left to Right: Frank van Reenen (RSA) – Dancing Fools, Brad Faine (UK) Star Sign, Amanda-Marie (USA) and Ceal Warnants Shotgun Clare
The gallery is at Shop A102, Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock. Contact:


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