Contemporary lamps by Douglas & Co

Say hello to two new contemporary floor lamps by Jan Douglas. “Die Sweart Hings” is a standing lamp, while “Die Steunpilaar” leans ever so graciously. Douglas & Co is a South African design duo consisting of the talented Jan + Liani Douglas.

1. Die Swart Hings and 2 Die Steunpilaar

  1. Die Swart Hings directly descends from the Africana Familia original, Die Kantelmeester, but poses as an upgraded version with a head that swivels and adjusts. It’s got plenty of attitude and reminds us of Die Swart Luiperd, a series of local pulp novels from the 50’s.
  2. Die Stenupilaar reduces all the traditional components of a floor lamp to a bare minimum and eliminates the idea of a self-supporting structurte in favour of utilising its context as a structural mechanism. The lamp is made to lean against walls or a vertical surface, and has an adjustable shade. The name is a reference to the lamp’s dependability as well as its dependence.



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