Clear Statement

A clear statement: the future of design is on display at Decorex SA.  Acryluso by Laser Edge Designs reflects timeless luxury, beauty, clarity and strength. Laser Edge Designs began the strategic task of creating a brand that is set to gain worldwide recognition on the global furniture stage. All the products in the Acryluso range are designed in house after many years of development and expertise in the various fields,  and have created a top-quality furniture and décor brand. They so excited  to show you the launch of their  brand and can’t wait to share these amazing  collections with you at Decorex SA this weekend.

12Acryluso by Laser Edge Designs
13Acryluso by Laser Edge Designs
15Acryluso by Laser Edge Designs
18Acryluso by Laser Edge Designs
17Acryluso by Laser Edge Designs


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