Cleaning your Carpets

Clean your carpets the Belgotex way for the best results! Providing carpets with great sound and heat insulation, stain proof qualities, and undeniable comfort, they sure know a thing or two about quality carpets!  Follow their 4 tips and give your carpet a new life!

1. Vacuum heavy-traffic areas daily and the rest at least weekly to improve indoor air quality and try stay away from heavy use of shampoos and powders that leave chemicals in your carpet. 2.Clean stains immediately! Spray the patch with warm water and household bleach mixed 50/50 and soak up the extra moisture with a towel. You can only do this with Belgotex carpets as bleach will destroy other carpets. 3. Dab the moisture or spill using towelling never scrub the carpet. 4. Old and unidentified stains must be cleaned using a weak solution of dishwashing liquid, warm water and a sponge. Grease stains can be removed using a solution of cloudy ammonia diluted 1:10 with cold water and then rinsed with vinegar mixed 1:10 with cold water. Rinse thoroughly with plain water after.
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Belgotex New Website
Belgotex Carpets have launched a state-of-the-art Virtual Showroom! With the ability to:
– select an area in your house
– select a room design
– view a the full range of either carpet or vinyl
– share or e-mail your choices
Finding your perfect carpet is now simple and effortless!
Get a feel for your favourite carpet here:
State of the Art Virtual Showroom1


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