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Décor Dec 23, 2021

Chic Fusion: A Monochromatic Love Affair

One of the hottest trends over the past few years is the concept of a monochromatic interior. Simple and sleek, black and white tones create a beautifully timeless interior. Get the look with a curated collection of contemporary wool felt homeware creations from Chic Fusion.

Why black and white just works.

They may be opposites on the colour spectrum, but black and white, together, create the perfect contrast for a contemporary interior design. The duo is the perfect match – light tones that reflect and refresh a space against dark shades that anchor and create drama. The end result is often a beautifully inspired space that works with a variety of tastes and styles.

Choosing decor to match

You can achieve the look in your own space by incorporating homeware and accents that bring these tones to life. Simple black and white accents can add charm in a modern room, while the same colour palette can add dynamic interest in an organic, Scandi or even minimalist room.

Add even more appeal with textured pieces and decor that add to the overall aesthetic. Delight your senses with Chic Fusion’s tasteful mix of wool felt and natural fibres. We love the look of these in a monochromatic interior. Each piece subsequently brings a modern, simplistic design. This additionally merges with a vibrant ethnicity inspired by our South African landscape and diverse cultures.

Each piece is subsequently produced from Merino wool and Karakul sourced in South Africa. The addition of silk and other natural fibres wonderfully transforms the felt. This, therefore, reveals a world of surprising and luxurious textures.

At Chic Fusion, you’re not limited to a monochromatic palette either. Here you find homeware in shades to suit your space and bring a wonderful aesthetic design to your next project.

For more visit Chic Fusion.

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