Celebrating beauty sleep

Did you know that January the 3rd marks the annual Festival of Sleep? To celebrate, I am taking part in the Casper Beauty Sleep Style Challenge – how exciting! Casper a start-up memory foam mattress company that makes buying mattresses as easy and efficient as ever! When I get ready for bed at night, the first part of my beauty sleep routine is enjoying a relaxing bath or shower and removing my makeup thoroughly, before I climb into my favourite sleepwear. Sleeping shorts, a silky sleeping blouse, plush robe and slippers from Lasenza always forms part of my sleeping attire. And while feeling comfy and beautiful is important, there are a few other things that should never be neglected when it comes to a quality night’s rest. First of all; a good quality mattress   is absolutely vital. Be sure that your mattress is able to support your full body weight to reduce back ache and restless nights. It’s also a clever idea to help your mind detach from the day’s stress and responsibilities by indulging in a cup of caffeine-free tea, such as rooibos. Then, I feel confident to snuggled up  under my scrumptious crisp  linen with a good book or décor mag. Although we lead busy lifestyles that make it tough to stick to a set routine each right, I always try to make time for my beauty regime because when I do, I awake feeling refreshed and completely prepared for the day ahead! Below, you will find some of my must-have items for a perfect night’s sleep:


Sleepwear available at:  www.lasenza.com

Bedroom Linen visit www.sadecor.co.za for a list of suppliers

Contact: www.casper.com


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