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Ceilings hold an extreme impact on any room. High ceilings in hearteous homes to low ceilings in cosy cottages and bold settings in corporate environments, all types, shapes and colours will define the room…

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  Over the past few years designer ceilings have really become a reality. You only have to look at installations done by Pelican systems in the  Coco De Mer Boutique Hotel, Zara’s at Gateway, the Suncoast Casino, or more recently the King Edward Hospital, to appreciate how ceilings can really enhance building interiors. As designs become more elaborate and the ceilings become a major decorative feature that draw the eye, there has been an increasing need to pay attention to the finer details and ensure that the interface of different building materials is seamless.
    Design features such as Bulkheads, changes of ceiling level and plasterboard perimeters considerably enhance the aesthetic interest of an interior, but the interface of building materials is a critical factor in the appearance of the overall interior finish. Pelican Systems now have a number of new Aluminium Ceiling Trims to assist the architects, designers and ceiling specialists with solutions to achieve the desired seamless finish required in a decorative feature ceiling. The Ceiling trim range of extrusion includes nine different profiles which have been specifically developed to provide the opportunity to create interesting features with crisp clean interface details for suspended and plasterboard ceiling installations.  
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