ECLECTICA Design and Art Gallery invites you to explore the famous Bauhaus movement in the exciting exhibition BAUHAUS REVISTED from the 4th of September until the 18th of October 2015. A talk by Andrew Lamprecht will take place on Friday 4 September at 19:30

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  ECLECTICA is a purveyor and exhibitor of iconic local and international design and contemporary South African Art. The objective is to house and exhibit a distinctive, desirable and above all, highly engaging collection of design and art for the discerning collector and connoisseur. The launch exhibition BAUHAUS REVISITED introduces the ECLECTICA gallery and creative space with an exhibition that celebrates art and design.
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Andrew Lamprecht, the event’s guest speaker, is a curator, contemporary visual artist and senior lecturer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. The ideas outlined in the talk will be visually explored and re-interpreted. Just as Bauhaus sought to explore new possibilities of art, design and architecture, so too does the Gallery hope to create a dialogue as to existing and new possibilities for this crossover. The distinct methods of teaching within the Bauhaus school lead to a creation of a distinct and eternal style within the history of Art. By ‘revisiting’ Bauhaus, the methods and means of creation by the school will lead to exciting future innovations within the gallery collection.
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Based on the understandings around consumerism which developed in the 20th Century, the focus of the art world turned toward a different means for creative output and discourse. A crucial meeting-point for art and design came about in the means with which artists looked for alternate practice and working. With the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements of the 1920s and 1930s, artists began reconsidering the function of architecture and design. By ‘revisting’ the Bauhaus process and understanding, new possibilities begin to open up that can speak to the state contemporary art and design.
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By creating a space for collaboration and experimentation, the BAUHAUS REVISITED project works with prominent designers and artists, just as the Bauhaus School sought to join artistic efforts. The notion of the art object and the reconsidering of art practice are represented as physical manifestations in the curation of furniture within the gallery space for each creator-curator. From local artists, Albert Coertse, Richard Scott and Natasha Barnes, to interior decorators, architect and designers Shelley Street, Frank Böhm and Haldane Martin, the creative collaborations further the vision of ECLECTICA Design and Art to form a platform for new possibilities.
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  The exhibition will also be featuring works by Marna Hattingh, Adrianne Silva, Lars Fischedick and Gavin Rain. Two creatives that express a combination of art and design in their work, namely Allesandro Mendini, an Italian furniture designer and Lars Fischedick, a local artist with an architectural background will also be included in the ground-breaking exhibition.
  The Italian designer, Allesandro Mendini (1931 –) was born in Milan and is known for his avant-garde and edgy designs. His design work focuses on reinterpreting classic designs with interesting new patterns and textures or playful alterations to standard objects that creates a new function or just a new feel. His Calambio chest of drawers was originally designed in 1985 and was re-editioned in 1988, for one of the leading Italian design houses Zanotta. Each cabinet made forms part of a series of nine, that differ from all other series and are numbered and signed. The mixture of primary and secondary colours comes together to create a statement piece that can exist as an artwork in and of itself. The Calambio cabinet is a true representation of the edgy and exploratory design aesthetic of Mendini’s work.
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The work featured by Lars Fischedick (1968 –), titled Berlin Axis, is a fitting revisiting of the Bauhaus and De Stijl aesthetics. The title seems to draw directly from the Bauhaus School that was located in Germany, while the linear quality and use of quality within the work seems to reference the eternal Piet Mondrian creations. Fischedick was born in Germany, moving to Cape Town in 2002. His art is an expression of his architectural training, while drawing on various European artists and styles. His work therefore, is a manifestation of the contemporary negotiation of design within art and a true revival of the Bauhaus practice.

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