As far as your imagination can reach

The Kriska chain was first invented in 1926 by Jose Maria Sans. Now, KirskaDECOR is one of the most popular trends in the world of contemporary design, receiving prestige all over the globe. These original metallic curtains, hailing from Spain, have been the object of countless creative and designer projects. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, KriskaDECOR’s unique curtains lend themselves to an abundance of architectural, lighting and interior design solutions along with a vast array of options to demarcate and partition spatial environments. Click here to watch the new and insightful video, highlighting just a few of the brains who have had the vision to take this material beyond the borders of what many are able to imagine.  As the inventor of the first machine said “Everything is possible, is just a matter of finding the way to do it”.

Available from Oniro Concepts


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