African Blankets

The Tribal Basotho blankets are interwoven with history for everyday use made with the highest luxury at home in a royal ceremony or alongside a dirt road. Proudly produced in SA, steeped in tribal custom that lives amongst us. This African design bright,  as warm as cow dung  its design carries a language in patterning, symbols and stories through time.  We love that the blankets are made from the finest quality woven from lambs wool and will last forever. What a wonderful history with a bright future.

Tribal Designs 1.Shnukie 2. Dog,  3.I Heart 4.moshoeshoe

The shop’s main aim is to promote cultural dialogue, sustainable ethical products  that have meaning and encourage enquiry and storytelling… for more info. see -the lomb- weaving cultures & people.

Contact: shnu someammo



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