A World of Quilts’ by Cassandra Ellis

In A World of Quilts, Cassandra Ellis strips things back to this basic premise, sharing her love of cloth, colour and creating, while guiding the reader through the many different types of quilt they can make and the processes involved. Drawing inspiration from 25 traditional quilt designs from around the world, Cassandra Ellis gives each quilt a unique and contemporary spin, whether that’s through a different application of the basic block that makes up the design or through her combination of fabrics in colour palettes that appeal to a modern aesthetic. As the fascinating origin of each design is explored, it soon becomes apparent that the rich history of quilting in disparate cultures around the world exhibits a common theme – that of storytelling through the simple piecing of fabric and the shared process of creating. A World of Quilts provides you with all the inspiration, encouragement and practical skills required to create an heirloom quilt.

A World of Quilts' by Cassandra Ellis. 1
A World of Quilts' by Cassandra Ellis2
Purchase online here  Published by Jacqui Small Publishing


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