A Private Club

Sugarbakers are the designers that make a difference. Their fantastic flair will make any space come to life. Here are one of their latest additions…

Gold, Glitz and Glamour!
The clients aimed for an exclusive space where their clients could relax, soak up an amazing vibe and enjoy an intimate setting. Using gold glamour, chic and sheek décor elements. The dance floor is made with character and the over all concept was to have the space feel like a private home.
Behind glass fold away doors a sanctuary in Peacock Blue’s offers its own functions. Flocked covered walls soften the edges perfectly and creates a homely feel. A further small Lounge with black and gold, literally dripping from the ceiling in cages, takes your breath away. Stepping out onto the enclosed patio for a dining experience not from here, mosaic floors with silk panelled walls, and an open air deck where the evening stars shower down, adding even more sparkle to the over all chic.
logo - sugarbakers

Contact: www.sugarbakers.co.za



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