5 D.I.Y Décor Ideas with Photo Frames

There’s no doubt that in today’s digital world, the photo frame rarely makes an appearance. Chances are you’ve got a couple of frames that didn’t make the mantelpiece hiding away in a box somewhere. Now it’s your chance to do something incredible with your unused frames. Paint them, tilt them, decorate them and have fun. There are virtually hundreds of ways to make photo frames look phenomenal. We went on a quest to find the most fabulous photo frame displays on the web and here they are. Go ahead and get creative with our clever D.I.Y décor ideas.

1. Create a magnificent montage Use different sized photo frames to create an eye-catching montage. We love how the bold frames stand out on the clean, white background.
SA Decor Photo frames Gumtree

 Image source.

2. Get thrifty with it If you don’t have one of these vintage-inspired frames, they’re super easy to make. Hollow out your own large photo frame, then peg your favourite old-school shots on pieces of string and enjoy this retro look. Or, just buy one from Gumtree here.

Image source.

3. Forget the straight and narrow Be creative by tilting and rotating your favourite frames to create an interesting display. Overlap the frames to get this collage-inspired style and have fun with it.

Sa decor gumtree photo frame

Image source.

4. Keep it colourful This strikingly colourful wall design uses large photo frames with enticing posters and pop art. We absolutely love this creative and expressive utilisation of the classic frame. Why not source your favourite prints to create a mural-like collage?


 Image source.

  5. Use your imagination Not every photo frame looks alike, and that’s okay. By playing with interesting shapes and sizes (with or without photos inside) you can form a beautiful focal point for your interior design. Alternatively, create an illusion by painting photo frames onto your wall with bold strokes and colours.


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