2014 WORLD Design Capital CAPE TOWN

2014 World Design Capital – Cape Town – South Africa. The country where yellow shines through design with richness. Every two years one country gets recognition on how they use design as an effective tool for social, cultural, environmental and economic development and then the chosen country serves as a host for the world to visit and experience their design. This year we are proud to say that our country and more specifically Cape Town has been chosen. Design in South Africa is turning from yellow to gold and reaching a level where a very specific African/Eclectic style becomes alive. Design can be for anything – buildings, furniture, food, fashion, photography, art and graphics. The reason why recently we are seeing so many buildings painted yellow, restaurants chairs are yellow and so many Cape Town companies are supporting WDC is that we all need to make this one opportunity we have to shine for the World a reality. Why yellow you might ask? Yellow resembles the sun and as we know South-Africa is known for its abundant rays of sunlight. Be part of this amazing experience and have a look at the exciting programme continuing for the entire year here.



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