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Aug 29, 2014

10 D.I.Y Decor Ideas with Mirrors

These incredibly versatile objects can do wonders when transforming a space from dull to dazzling. Mirrors can also create an illusion of spaciousness in smaller settings. Be inspired by our list of innovative ideas to help you give your mirror a magnificent makeover. Even the most simplest of mirrors can be gussied up to add a unique element to your interior. Today we’ll show you how.

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1. Pretty pencil mirror This circular mirror has been encapsulated by a frame made entirely of pencils. Sure, it takes a while to get the job done but the result is absolutely stunning. Find out more about pencil mirrors here. 1Pencil-mirror edit

2. Stunning sun burst mirror The sun-inspired mirror is sure to brighten up any room in your home. You’ll need a mirror with a flat edge frame to start, as well as 150 pieces of branches or twigs, a glue gun, tape, a ruler and some other handy goodies. Check out the step-by-step tutorial here. 2sun-mirror edit

3. Wondrous wine barrel mirror The wine barrel mirror is full of country charm and is easy enough to accomplish if you can get your hands on the bottom of an old wine barrel. This stunning mirror is extremely versatile and can be positioned in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, bedroom or wherever your heart desires. 3-barrel-edit Source.

4. Marvellous money mirror Empty out your piggie bank and use the coins to make a marvellously framed mirror. Not only does the final product look dashing, this idea is super simple to implement and doesn’t demand too much preparation. We love how the different shades of copper shimmer in the light. 4-money-edit Source.

5. Superb serving tray mirror This one speaks for itself and requires very little effort to put together. Simply get hold of an old serving tray and the right sized mirror. Then use your glue gun to connect the two, and viola!  Suggestion: Find an aged tray to create a lovely textured frame. 5-serving-tray-edit  Source.

6. Stunning spoon mirror The innovative spoon mirror is completely crafted out of – yes, you guessed it- spoons! It’s a meticulous process but provides a great challenge for the dexterous folk among us. And besides, once you’re finished, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the stunning result. Click here to learn how to do it yourself. 6-spoon-mirror-edit

7. Rustic rope mirror If you prefer a more trouble-free task, why not try recreate this intriguing rope mirror? It’s sure to add a whole new element to your interior and is fairly inexpensive to produce. Follow the directions here to make your rope mirror come to life. 7-rope-mirror-edit

8. Clever colour wheel mirror This design is possibly the coolest one of all but it does require a certain level of skill to complete. To perfect this piece, you’ll need to be mathematically savvy and willing to spend quite a few hours working on it. Fortunately, we found a helpful guide to go by, click here to learn more. 8-mosaic-edit

9. Alluring antique mirror Add a vintage allure to a modern day mirror by disguising it with products that you probably have at home already. This impressive mirror will look totally mesmorising wherever you choose to place it. Once again, we’ve found some handy tips on how to get it right. Click here to find out. 9-antique-edit

10. Creative collage The mirror collage is possibly the easiest execution of all. Simply source your favourites finds (we love the interesting vintage ones) to create a medley of mirrors on any blank surface. This quaint effect is both unique and easy-to-update when you get sick of looking at it. Move mirrors around, add and subtract as you see fit. Just remember to have fun with it! 10-collage-edit Find mirrors on www.sadecor.co.za

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