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XOXO Pottery: The Emerald Empire Range

Autumn is around the corner for us in South Africa and we can already feel that change is in the air. For local creatives like Lexi Kanias, from XOXO Pottery, the colours in her glazes are already warming up. We are thrilled to see her launch The Emerald Empire Range with various shapes and sizes now available.

Lexi explains: “My style as a ceramic artist keeps transforming and evolving. I love detail, imperfections and I love movement, movement is key. There is no perfect, thin or overly refined edge on any of my pieces. They’re handmade. I want you to still see my “hands” within each vessel. There are a few natural cracks within the glaze and I love that. I’ve left them. I don’t think they should be hidden, I think they should be celebrated as they add character.”

A little drama goes a long way

Lexi loves creating a mix of colours that evoke strong emotions in people and more than anything, she loves creating dramatic pieces.

There are so many different colour tones fighting for centre stage in this range.

Emerald green is the most dominant, but as the light catches different areas and little crevasses, we see the most beautiful blue and an autumn bronze glow.

“My particular medium of choice at the moment is working with clay and glazes. I create multifunctional bespoke art pieces, plates, platters and bowls. Statement pieces all of which are one of a kind.”

Lexi also sculpts and mixes her own glazes. She believes each bag of clay holds endless possibilities – it’s an ongoing adventure.

“Doing what inspires me on a daily basis motivates me and drives my brand to greater heights. I have a love affair with every bag of clay I open… with every piece I sculpt and with every bottle of glaze I mix. Oh, I love love love mixing my glazes.”

As with many creative processes, beauty lies in the journey of creation. Lexi adds: “I have no idea how this will turn out until I swing open that kiln door. But, like most things in my life, I’m hedging my bets and rolling the dice. It’s where skill meets spontaneous combustion.”

Find this latest range now available at XOXO Pottery.

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