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The Seascape Range by XoXo Pottery

Come sail away with me, let’s be free. Inspired by the ‘lockdown life’ of the past 18 months, XoXo Pottery introduces their latest Seascape Range. This comes as a refreshing reminder to escape the woes of the world and embrace the beauty of the ocean.

Owner Alexia Kanias shares how this range came about… “I felt so incredibly overwhelmed a few weeks ago. I couldn’t access my normally overly abundant creative juices and felt so despondent. It’s been a lot hasn’t it? There just seemed to be such a heaviness in the atmosphere around me, I felt as though I couldn’t breathe. Although some industries have been more hard hit than others I think there is a huge knock on effect that’s affecting us all.

Someone once told me ‘it is both a blessing and a curse to feel things so deeply’. I couldn’t agree with that statement more. I felt as though I was sinking and could barely come up for any air. I took a few days off which helped a lot however I missed the studio. I missed the smell of my raw clay. I missed prepping my work station with that jittery excitement of a child knowing something fun is about to happen. I missed holding my breath as I gently packed the kiln with my fragile greenware pieces. I missed the anticipation of joyfulness when opening the kiln door to greet my babies. I missed having dry sore hands at the end of the day.

So after a bit of a “pity party” and moan about life and the current state of the world I decided to just go play. With no intention, no planning, no sketching, no forward projecting … Just Play. I instantly felt better. I instantly felt my heart expanding. I instantly felt my fears about the world around me melt away. It’s amazing how quickly I experienced this shift. I cocooned myself in the studio and fed my soul. Surrounded by my one true love – clay. This truly is my favourite love affair.”

The result is the playful and mind freeing Seascape Range. These oversized art conversation pieces are a way of escaping reality and are intended to bring great joy into your home.

Only 14 of these art pieces were created so be sure to find your favourites and bring these home.


Discover the new range and more at XoXo Pottery.


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