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Supreme Mouldings: How To Decorate Your Home With Nautical Prints

We love beautiful coastal interiors that are light, bright and oh so inviting. This trend is all about organic materials, soft tones and sea-inspired decor such as beautiful nautical prints. Here’s how you can create that luxe coastal vibe at home and decorate with stylish nautical prints from Supreme Mouldings.

A seascape of colours

Coastal interiors are known for their nature-inspired tones such as white, beige and every shade of blue. These tones echo nature and the power of the ocean. In your choice of nautical prints, pick up on these soft oceanic colours to bring the beauty of the outside indoors. Gorgeous teals, indigo and sea greens are but some of the trending colours of the season. These are therefore a sure way to embrace a nautical style in your home.

A celebration of wildlife

The ocean is a beautiful hub of sea life – from the largest mammals on earth to the tiniest of creatures roaming the depths of the ocean floor. Coastal interiors are therefore a celebration of the wildlife and intricate balance of living beings that call the sea their home.

Your choice of nautical prints should honour these living beings. Choose beautiful nautical prints with shoals of fish, ocean flora and more for a beautiful organic display in your home.

Abstract Beauty

The real beauty of nautical-inspired themes is that you can certainly interpret this in many different ways. A contemporary way to add a coastal style to your home is through abstract art and subtle references to the sea. Your choice of nautical prints may hint at the ocean without any obvious connection to the sea itself. Your choice of prints could therefore incorporate the colours, textures and even patterns of the ocean, in a beautiful abstract way.

Add organic textures

Complete your coastal interior with organic nautical materials such as rope, rattan, sisal, jute and driftwood. These are reminiscent of ocean life and a beautiful way to finish off a nautical look in any space.

Invest in quality nautical prints to elevate the coastal theme you’re hoping to achieve. Supreme Mouldings offer a wide selection of framed prints and canvasses to add to the theme. Here you will also find an array of decor and architectural finds for your space. Their head office, main warehousing and distribution hub is located in Robertville, Johannesburg with branches in Cape Town and Durban.

For more visit Supreme Mouldings.



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