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Support Local This Festive Season With Isabelina

This seasons’ holiday decor is packed with unlimited design potential. Breaking from the typical holiday palette, Isabelina is going with locally manufactured, white and light décor, to inspire a brighter future.

Topiary and Wreaths

Beautiful topiary décor and wreaths are now on offer. These are biodegradable to lessen the impact on the environment. Additionally, they are handmade in South Africa, from a selection of beautiful Cape Indigenous Foliage, by local women in their community. The foliage is treated to maintain its colour for the product to last indefinitely. Isabelina has also chosen to combine a large piece with one of their exquisite chandeliers.

Wreaths date back to ancient Greece and Rome. Subsequently, these have come to symbolize many things across cultures. This includes resilience and hope. And what could be more fitting in these times – than to receive a stunning wreath to adorn your door or mantle, and simultaneously portray a symbol of hope, without compromising on style or principle.

Curated Decor

Isabelina also have a range of curated décor to spruce up your space. Choose from candle holders to vases, exquisite silk flower arrangements and custom, South African designed and manufactured furniture and mirrors.

Find a full range of candles here – locally made – and available in gorgeous scents to make your holiday sensually unforgettable. Made in small batches, these candles are delicately hand poured using non-toxic products and a blend of essential oils. The result is therefore a subtle scent delight. Additionally, these are a perfect home accessory and an ideal gift. The range includes Mysa, The Charlotte, and Pure Surprise.

Support Local

As a final word – this season, whether you are a gift-giver or not, keep in mind that buying local stimulates the local economy. Moreso, however, buying local also helps to cut down on processing, packaging and transportation waste. This can lead to less pollution, harmful chemical emissions and fuel consumption.

Visit the Isabelina showroom at Design Quarter in Fourways, Johannesburg. Support local manufacture and enterprise: and give the community and environment the gift of sustainability.

Check out their website at www.isabelina.co.za.

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