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OKHA: Gorgeous Hand-made Spring Vessels For Modern Living

OKHA sources and carefully selects accessories and décor to complete modern interior settings. These are all hand-made by local artisans, and enhance and accentuate their fabulous range of furniture.

OKHA conceptualizes and designs contemporary, elegant furniture; hand-made items that are designed with passion, curiosity and a deep respect for materials and traditional craftsmanship. The result is a progressive and refined quality that embodies design integrity and luxury.

The range is complemented by on-going collaborations with South Africa’s leading artisans. These creative partnerships keep the brand current and unique. Additionally, OKHA
sources and carefully curates local accessories for beautiful, inspired spaces.

By their very nature, many of their pieces are unique and once-offs. Created as gorgeous home accents, OKHA’s range is distinct, adding elegance and interest to any home design.

Take a look at their latest Spring ceramic vessels now available:

More about OKHA:

OKHA is a Cape Town based interior design studio. They are creators of progressive, elegant furniture and lighting, as well as artisanal objects and contemporary floor art. Their design is inspired by an enquiring contemporary aesthetic and timeless classicism, with a deep respect for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. They aim to be at the forefront of discerning modern living, and offer a fully comprehensive and bespoke interior design service.

OKHA’s desire is to continuously explore and refine an aesthetic to better communicate intimate and characterful narratives through the art of design.

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