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Mud Studio: Beautifully Crafted Ceramics For The Home

Ceramics have a place in just about any room in the home. From the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and even the bathroom. Mud Studio produces an exquisite range of offerings. Here we share different ways to embrace the power of ceramics in every room.

In the Kitchen

In the kitchen, you can invest in timeless ceramic crockery to share meals and enjoy life with your family. Mud Studio offers a range of options in various patterns and finishes to suit your needs. From bowls and dinner plates to side plates and more – kit out your kitchen and dining room with beautiful timeless pieces that tell a story.

In the Living Room

Ceramics find a home in the living room through beautifully curated homeware and decor accessories including vases and bowls that can be used on display to enhance your design aethetic. A simple arrangement will benefit from the earthiness of ceramics and you can also infuse texture and colour into the living room with carefully positioned ceramic accents – on coffee tables, consoles, side table and more.

In the Bathroom

Add a handcrafted ceramic dish to your basin to house soap, jewellery and more and create a special ambience in your bathroom. Not only stylish and durable, but also functional, ceramics in the bathroom offer versatility as you can use various bowls and dishes as practical options to store goods in the bathroom.

In the Bedroom / Dressing Room

Add a simple ceramic vase with florals to a plain bedside table to infuse life and freshness into the bedroom. You can also invest in ceramic bowls to store your prized accessories on your dresser and in your dressing room.

Take a look at some of the spectacular ranges now on offer from Mud Studio:

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