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Isabelina: How To Decorate With Vases In Every Room

A simple vase is a wonderfully easy, effective and affordable way to brighten up any space. Here we share some top designer tips for choosing the right vase for every room in the house. We also bring you our favourite picks from Isabelina.

In the Living Room

Vases can enhance your colour scheme, add texture and a different dimension to your living room. A single vase on a side cabinet or coffee table is a practical way to bring height and depth to your space. However, a group of vases in varying heights can add that extra wow factor.

Top tip: When using multiple vases in a grouping, be sure that at least one element ties all of the vases together. This could be your choice of material i.e. glass, ceramics, metal etc. However, you could also opt for a colour thread that lingers in each piece. Black and white is a timeless combination, but metallic groupings can also add a pop of colour and drama.

In the Dining Room

Brighten up your dining room with a beautiful vase. Use it to display fresh or dried blooms or vases. This is a great addition to the centre of a table and you can change it up for special occasions. Alternatively, a server or sideboard is another worthy spot for a vase display.

Top tip: Choose seasonal florals to add an updated look to your vase which can be changed to suit the time of year. Or pick some of your own from your garden and put your handiwork on display to dinner guests!

In the Bedroom

A simple vase on a nightstand can add a fresh burst of colour and life to a bedroom. Style your bedside table with a few personalised decor accessories and be sure to add a few fresh blooms to a vase for added colour.

Top tip: Create a special, curated look with stacked books on your side table, and carefully place your vase on the top.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Use a single vase to display some of your favourite blooms or add one carefully tucked away into a corner on a countertop. It will surely be a welcome surprise to anyone entering the kitchen.

In the Entryway

Make a great first impression with a vase (or more) on an entry table or mantle. Pair this with other decor accessories and create a designer look. We suggest books, a framed mirror, art or more for a truly inspired entrance.

If you’re looking for a wonderfully fresh and interesting vase to brighten up your space, we’re sure you’ll find one among our favourites from Isabelina.

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