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E Squared Living: 7 Ways To Bring Natural Style To Your Living Room

Natural materials bring a beautiful, organic look to your home. In order to decorate in a soothing and natural style, we need to pull in pieces that speak to this aesthetic. Here we share 7 ways to embrace a natural look in the living room, with some top furniture choices from E Squared Living.

From the Floors Up

When decorating a room in a natural style, we need to consider every element, from the floors up. Natural materials are best when it comes to your choice of flooring or rugs. We love sisal, seagrass or jute for their rich textures and neutral appeal. These are perfect flooring options that you can also incorporate into statement furniture pieces such as floor cushions and stools. Rugs in natural textures are also great for layering!


Keep it simple and natural with a continuation of natural fibres in your selection of seating. Beautiful rattan furniture is not only ideal on the patio! Bring rattan or woven textiles into your living room through natural chairs and stools. This will add to the organic flow of your space.

Decor and Accessories

Choose decor and accent pieces in muted tones to enhance a natural interior style. Again, woven materials and natural finishes are key here. Opt for muted wooden tones, ropes, woven materials and cotton finishes for a soothing, natural ambience.

A Delight of Textures

Natural design is all about beautiful textures, inspired by nature. Bring this in through your choice of soft furnishings. Think curtains, throws, scatters and more which offer a tactile experience to anyone in your living room. Baskets are great to add texture and much-needed storage in the living room. These will also complement the natural aesthetic you’re trying to pull off!

Natural Lighting

Sleek and sophisticated – this is the way to go when looking for natural lighting. Add a beautifully understated table lamp to that side table or opt for a neutral shade or chandelier that will tie your space together. Lighting will help to set the mood and highlight the perfect accents that add to your natural look.

Muted, Earthy Tones

A natural design scheme achieves a soothing effect with the right colours. Opt for tones inspired by nature. Muted, earthy and neutral colours are a great base for a truly inspired natural living room.

Shop Nature-Inspired Furniture

Kickstart your road to a natural living room design and shop everything you need under one rood. E Squared Living gives you the styles seen in magazines without the hefty price tags and hassle of international delivery. They certainly have eye for the finer details and enjoy handcrafted, natural aesthetics.  From furniture to decor to soft furnishings, each consignment is unique and inspiring. E Squared Living also insists on bringing only a few of each item in to maintain a degree of exclusivity. There are no limits to how far they’ll go to bring these treasures to your home. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, they’ll gladly source it for you.

Go natural and shop the look at E Squared Living.

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